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After New Yorker tirade, Anthony Scaramucci still coming to Politicon in Pasadena this weekend

By Jason Henry|

‘The Gateway’ shopping center, hotel project in Chatsworth clears LA planning board

A proposal to build a shopping center with a fitness gym and a 124-room Marriott Residence Inn hotel at the corner of Lassen Street and Mason Avenue in Chatsworth sailed through the Los Angeles City Planning Commission Thursday. The 8.2-acre ret...

By Elizabeth Chou|


  • LGBT

    LGBTQ advocates say Trump’s proposed military transgender ban ‘dehumanizes’ Americans

    One year ago, U.S. Army Reservist Rudy Akbarian celebrated. President Barack Obama had just announced a policy opening the U.S. Armed Forces to transgender Americans. On Wednesday, he said, his heart sank when he learned President Donald Trump has decided to reverse Obama’s policy and has contended that transgender people in the military are...

    Susan Abram

  • LGBT

    At LA’s LGBT center, Trump’s order won’t ‘turn back time on our rights’

    Anxiety, discrimination​ and​ isolation​. ​They were ​some of the feelings of those who came together​ at the Los Angeles LGBT Center in Hollywood Wednesday evening after a day​ spent​ ​digesting ​President Donald Trump’s early morning tweets banning transgender people from the military. In a series of tweets, Trump said his decision was based on medical costs transgender service members could rack up...

    Marianne Love

  • Legislation

    GOP senators blink on a big chance to repeal ‘Obamacare’

    WASHINGTON >> After seven years of emphatic campaign promises, Senate Republicans demonstrated they didn’t have the stomach to repeal “Obamacare” on Wednesday when it actually counted. The Senate voted 55-45 to reject legislation to throw out major portions of Barack Obama’s law without replacing it. Seven Republicans joined all Democrats in rejecting a measure by GOP Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky that would have repealed most of former President...

    By Erica Werner and Alan Fram The Associated Press|

  • Veterans

    Long Beach Marine, other vets trace illnesses to open-air burn pits in Iraq, Afghanistan

    The last casualties of war die at home, yet that is when we look away. No more; and certainly not when we’re talking about war deaths connected to the burn pits of Iraq and Afghanistan. A decade ago, Marine Sgt. Brian Alvarado of Long Beach patrolled and supervised burn pits in Iraq, getting rid of everything from plastics and metals to chemicals and human waste. Today, he consumes food through a stomach tube, a side effect of the diseases that have ravaged his...

    By David Whiting @DavidWhiting on Twitter|

  • Illegal drug use

    Pasadena explains why officers did not make arrests after overdosed woman found in USC dean’s hotel room

    Concerned about accusations of a cover-up, the Pasadena Police Department released witness interviews, investigative records and a detailed timeline of an officer’s investigation in to an overdose last year involving the former dean of USC’s medical school. The Pasadena officer was disciplined when it was...

    Jason Henry

  • Bribery, graft and conflicts of interest

    Palmdale Mayor Jim Ledford’s arraignment in public corruption case delayed

    The arraignment of Palmdale Mayor Jim Ledford and two consultants for a public corruption case will have to wait until Oct. 19. Superior Court Judge Mark Hanasono agreed on Wednesday in a downtown Los Angeles courtroom to push back the case because of the “considerable amount” of documents for the defense attorneys involved. “We don’t even have the documents from all the items obtained by the search warrant,” said Ledford’s attorney...

    Wes Woods

  • Politics

    Trump says transgender people should be barred from military

    WASHINGTON >> President Donald Trump said Wednesday he wants transgender people barred from serving in the U.S. military “in any capacity,” citing “tremendous medical costs and disruption.” Trump’s announcement on Twitter would reverse the effort under President Barack Obama to open the armed services to transgender people. He did not say what would happen to transgender troops already in the military. The president tweeted that he was...

    By Catherine Lucey and Robert Burns The Associated Press|

  • Nation and World

    Fed leaves rates alone but moves closer to selling off bonds

    WASHINGTON >> The Federal Reserve is keeping its key interest rate unchanged at a time when inflation remains persistently low. But it signaled Wednesday that it’s edging closer to gradually shrinking its bond holdings, a step that would likely boost long-term borrowing rates including mortgages. The Fed noted Wednesday in a statement that inflation has stayed undesirably low even though the job market keeps strengthening, with the unemployment rate just 4.4 percent.

    By Martin Crutsinger The Associated Press|

  • Health care policy

    Trump assails GOP senator who opposed health care bill

    WASHINGTON >> President Donald Trump accused Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski, a fellow Republican, of disappointing the country by opposing the GOP effort to demolish the Obama health care law, after initial votes demonstrated the party will be hard pressed to make any sweeping changes in the statute. Senators planned to vote Wednesday on a Republican amendment to repeal much of President Barack Obama’s law and give Congress two years to come up with a replacement. That was...

    By Alan Fram The Associated Press|

  • Sanctions and embargoes

    Russia sanctions bill hits hurdle in Senate over North Korea penalties

    WASHINGTON >> A new package of financial sanctions against Russia, Iran and North Korea has a hit a snag in the Senate, where the chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee has objected to the House’s decision to include penalties targeting Pyongyang in the legislation. Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tenn., told reporters Wednesday that he preferred to keep the North Korea sanctions in a separate bill that would be considered by the Senate. The last-minute hurdle may prevent passage...

    By Richard Lardner The Associated Press|

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